God Loves You

Today’s Scripture

“For God so loved the world the He gave his only Son that who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”   John 3:16 (KJV)

Today’s Word

God’s love is unconditional.  Love is a word that people ordinarily use very loosely. When God tells us that He loves us, it is not based on what we can do for Him; but rather it is based on what He did for us.  God made the ultimate sacrifice to give the life of His Son for our sins so that we may have eternal life.  God loves us deeply and passionately.

God loves everyone regardless of who they are and what they have done.  True love is not just an emotional feeling that gives up on someone when they fail to live up to the other person’s expectations.  It involves a level of commitment to accept them as they are and having the standing power to help them maximize their full potential.

In John 3:16, God loved us tremendously.  He gave his only son to die for us.  There is no greater love than a man who would lay down his life for a friend.  Jesus did exactly that when He died on a cross.  He saw the greatest problem, our sin; and He had the greatest solution, His only son.

Lastly, we gain eternal life if we accept His son as our Savior.

~~~~  Elder David Middleton


Today’s Scripture

‘Will the Lord reject forever?  Will He never show His unfailing love again?  Has His promise failed for all time?  Has God forgotten to be merciful?  Has He in anger withheld his compassion?’ Then I thought, ’To this will I appeal: The years of the right hand of the Most High.’

Psalm 77:7-10 (NIV)

Today’s Word

I’ve always found it amazing that, in the middle of this psalm, the psalm writer seemed to realize that he couldn’t just sit around thinking about the negative things that were happening in his life.  Perhaps he understood that if he kept thinking about the negative he would keep feeling down, so in order to get the negative things out of his mind he decided to replace them with thoughts about the Lord.  There is an old proverb that says, “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.”  Many times when we find ourselves in dark situations in life, dark situations at work, dark situations in our families.  We try to find someone to call and say, “It sure is dark” when what we really need to do is replace those thoughts with thoughts about the light.

 Those children may be acting out of character, but at least they’re healthy!

They may not pay you what you desire right now, but at least you’re working!

They may have walked out of your life, but at least they didn’t take you out on the way!

Instead of cursing the dark areas in your life, I dare you to light a candle of praise!

~~~~~~  Pastor Jessie Jennings III

Are You Hearing . . . ?

Are you simply listening or are you hearing?  There is a vast difference between listening and hearing.

We listen to sounds and noises all the time, and often we are listening without realizing it.  We listen to outdoor noises as we go through our typical day and not notice the everyday sounds around us.

We listen to our children calling our names; and yet, at the same time, have the ability to block out the realization that our babies are trying to desperately to get our attention.

At home, while preparing dinner and moving throughout our homes to get the family ready for the evening night, we listen to the television, but yet, are not in tune to what is actually being said by the programmers.

My point here is this . . . we are always listening, but how often are we hearing?

He that has ears, let him hear.  Matthew 11:15

When we take time to hear, transformation can take place within our lives.  When we hear, we allow what is being said to go deeply within us and become a part of our lives while being embedded within our DNA and conscience.  The Holy Spirit is always speaking, but are we always hearing what He is saying?

When you pray, attempt to take time to be quiet and hear from God in order to have a wholesome prayer life so that your prayer life is full.  Always strive to make God your “TOP” Priority.  Only then will your other priorities be in place.


~ Elder Juliette Moore

New Year New You

Golden Gate Cathedral is out with the old and in the new.  Since the beginning of this new year, we have been in a posture to fast forward to the new position the Lord Almighty is calling us to within this season.  We are no longer looking backwards in the rear view mirror of what hasn’t worked or what hasn’t happened.  The only way we can receive what God has for us is looking ahead towards the plan He has for us.  The reason the car windshield is larger than the rear window is because there is more to see and more to receive when we look ahead.  Get ready for an incredible year in 2012 and watch God move in way that may seem unbelievable.  Go ahead and let the past go!  Have faith and move forward into this next move of God.

Give Thanks Unto the Lord

O give thanks unto the Lord; for [He is] good; for His mercy [endureth] forever.  (KJV)  1 Chronicles 16:34

What are you thankful for?

We should never take for granted the small things the Lord blesses us with.  The Lord places great emphasis on being thankful, and so should we.

Why should you thank God?

  • You should thank God for His Power
  • You should thank God for His Person
  • You should thank God for His Provision
  • You should thank God for His Protection
  • You should thank God for His Presence

Thanks in the Hebrew language means Yaddah, which mean to make a public announcement.   Do you remember the last time you made a public announcement of what you are thankful for?  A public announcement by definition is composed of a group of words which are intentionally spoken or intentionally written for new awareness toward a mass of people to attain.  Your mass of people could be your family, friends, coworkers or the people who style your, whether it’s  your barber or your hair stylist.  Make an intentional effort to become more public with your gratitude of the gratefulness of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Knowing God unlocks joy which allows you to know him better.  Knowing God’s Word reveals joy which allows you to love Him even more.  Trusting God releases joy making life more pleasurable.  Obeying God restores joy renewing your daily strength.